Circus Skills Workshops

London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex  and the Home Counties

Workshops with 'Less than 35 Students' only require 1 tutor.

(In Excess of 35 Students - additional tutors maybe required).

Workshops are Tailored to Your Particular Event...

For a Quotation - Please Contact us with Your details

Travel is calculated (by goggle map from home address to site) at: -

50p per mile for 'Outer London'.

£1 per mile for 'Inner London'.

'The Site / Venue' must be accessible by car - for loading / unloading.

When travelling into London - a 'Guaranteed Parking Space' must be available.

Show time

 If you would like a mini show to accompany a circus workshop,

Prices start at £35 for twenty minutes.

Meet and greet

Prices start at £35 for twenty minutes.